Cinderella’s Mice Deserve More Credit!!!

One of my all time favorite movies growing up would have to be Disney’s Cinderella. It’s definitely in my Top 5(which consists of over 50 different movies). And my FAVORITE scene in the movie was when all her little mice friends banded together to make her a gown for the ball.
 Thinking back now, the dress was a little cheesy. What with the lace collar and the bows all topped off with a set of blue pearls-scratch that. I like cheesy, and Disney is a never ending source for tacky ball gowns.

But wasn’t it sweet though? All her little workers running around the house hunting for supplies regardless of the near death experiences with Lucifer and those damn chickens! All their hard work was ruined after the dress was destroyed by her ugly whore sisters. Those bitches were hatin’ on her big time.

But, Cinderella ran and she cried. To all little girls out there, ‘If you cry, you will get your way.’ Or a Fairy Godmother will appear and make all your dreams come true. She’ll turn that ripped frock into a gown equivalent to Princess Chi Chi’s in To Wong Foo finale gown.

So while the God Mother waved her little wand around, sang a song to make shit appear…her real friends’ work went unnoticed. Where was the God Mother earlier in life? You know when he dad died and she was forced to become a slave in her own home…yeah.

I will always be a fan of the underdog…or the undermouse in this situation.

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