Paris calls gays “disgusting”? Isn’t that the village bicycle calling the subway dirty…

Paris Hilton recently said that gay men are “disgusting” and most of them “probably have AIDS”

Wow…I used to love you Paris…but now you’ve targeted my people. What to do now? Just watch you fall even further from grace.

How can you say that when, “disgusting gays,” as you refer to us, are accredited to most of your wardrobe?

At least pretend to be a decent person. Besides…all the unprotected sex you’ve had on and off camera should amount to some form of venereal disease. Think Paris think! It’s not that hard.

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013…Get the look! Only 3 Days Left!!!

Christopher Bailey dazzles us, yet again, with a completely different take on the house of Burberry. I have never seen so much color from him. The show was filled with Body Conscious dresses, satin, cropped jackets with voluminous sleeves all in metallic satin. Better yet…There’s 3 more days to shop the collection and be the first to wear it!!! Who’s going to don the scalloped metallic trench and the pvc bags!!! Go to to shop the show now!┬áThere’s only 3 days left so make it quick!

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Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Spring 2013

Always feminine and always sensual, Alberta Ferretti gave us the woman draped in a silk tie? I was reading comments on this and it all made sense. I could sense from the show(youtube obviously) that the fabric was a silk, but it wasn’t as lightweight as it usually is. That was the menswear influence.

But that’s as manly as it got. The collection was at ease in The Plaza’s Oak Room and it contrasted against the clothes in a really awesome way. Imagine an italian bombshell of the 50’s or 60’s just walking in fresh off a flight from Rome and turning heads. If only they had cigars to show the men who really wears the pants-or shall I say, the “tie” around here.

Michael Kors Spring 2013

I’ve never been a huge fan of Michael Kors. Honestly I though he was in league with Tommy Hilfiger and Nautica for “All American Sportswear” that eventually ends up at Ross. But this show changed my mind.

A friend of mine was telling me about the Marc Jacobs show(coming next) and I showed it to him on youtube. My friend was confused because of the similarity in the letter “M”. He was ACTUALLY referring to the Michael Kors show. He kept on raving about the menswear and to be nice I sat and watched it with him.

First look, “eh rugby stripes, what else is new?” And then the models turned left…”okay, I want that outfit…” So instantly I was pulled in and I became a fan if not just for that first outfit, but for all the color blocked, razor backed menswear. It’s like people think they know what you’re wearing when they see you, but if you turn around you’re a completely different person. I love that the garments keep you interested the entire time. I’m sitting here still surprised. Surprised with the cool menswear, surprised that my friend had a good eye, and surprised that I gave Michael Kors a chance. I’ll have to pay more attention to him from now on. Not on Project Runway though…I can’t afford cable. It’s internet or that.

The only thing I had a problem with, was that Mathias Lauridsen was drowned out in all black…When he looks so beautiful in bright colors(hello Gucci every season!).