Givenchy’s Dualistic Glamour

With a dramatic organ playing darkly in the background, the collection was shown in a very industrial space. As usual, Riccardo Tisci blends and contrasts elements to create a balance of light and dark, with very minimal in between. From the geometric runway to the organic shapes of the garments, the show kept its duality.

Soft Chiffon topped over harsh black. Structured Bottoms with flowing tops. Billowing sleeves and asymmetrical shoulders. The shoes looked as though they were made of pvc as to not distract from the clothes, yet shined just enough to get noticed.

It’s going to be a very Adam’s Family spring for the Givenchy girls. But that’s what we look forward to. Black, white and hardly anything in between. Only the cool, harsh and edgy girls are meant to don Givenchy today.

If you’re looking for softness and traditional glamour, you’ve come to the wrong place. Tisci layers evening gowns over pants and vice versa. Nothing is exactly what it seems.

Givenchy is Tisci’s war zone. He decorates the models in tight slick chignon with golden chokers and put’s them out to battle on the runway. Tisci never strays from his point of view. Only those times where he throws in a pale pink or blue frock to keep the eye moving. Besides that, he’s all about the yin and yang of masculine and feminine.


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