Cavalli Girls Love Lace+Leather

Roberto Cavalli showed at the breathtaking Arco della Pace in Milan for Spring 2013. The runway was set very classic and very minimal. That minimalism foreshadowed the looks that were to about be shown.

Usually the Cavalli girl is emblazoned head to toe in sparkle and animal print. She’s a louder girl who demands attention. But for this season, Cavalli went completely modern and minimal.

The opening looks were all white with lace and laser cut leather. They were very clean and put together compared to Cavalli’s past collections where “sex”  was evoked. But I was pleasantly surprised and a little giggly actually. As I’ve been saying in past posts, all white has really been catching my eye. There’s a harshness about stark white that I’ve always loved. Call me a minimalist if you may, but seeing all that leather and lace is striking and trains my eye to look for the details.

If you look closely, you can see that the leather was laser cut very precisely and made to look like lace. This was the “sexy” of the collection. The little bits of skin you can see. Usually with Roberto Cavalli, you see it all: the cleavage, the back, the curves, but for Spring…you won’t. They’ve taken the modern route. “Some” could possibly call it selling out, but since it’s Cavalli, I know that no one can make selling out look so beautiful.

I don’t personally think it’s a far cry away from Cavalli’s dna. He’s just cleaning it up for a season to throw us off a little bit. All italian designers have been doing it lately, what with New York and Paris’ modernism ruling the runways, I guess they want to jump on the band wagon a little bit. After all, Milan should not just be about what Miuccia Prada is doing…as Milanese as she is, she may as well be french. Cavalli though, is as sensual and romantic as an italian label should be.

Just take a look at the prints this season. There’s definitely some animal-esque prints for sure, but it’s done in a way that’s quieter and more refined. It’s like the house was cleaned down to the very rafters this season. I adored the slip dresses with the lace lining the top. Cavalli fans are sure to adore these as well because Roberto still had them in mind when designing this collection.

Just look at the wide leg pants and the peaked shouldered blazers. All very understated color, but fabulous little details throughout. It’s almost as if Cavalli had to throw some prints in there to satisfy his regular customer(and his italian gaudiness). He just couldn’t help himself. But I don’t mind. In a way the color acts as a separation in the middle. What color does black and white make? Usually shades of grey, but in Cavalli’s case it’s little doses of bright color.

Then came the subtle animal prints with tiny little bits of color to set off of it. Again, the collection is transitioning from bright back to the black and white. The long flowy chiffon topped over pants seemed liked little aprons front and back. Beautiful, chic aprons at that. Overall I loved the silhouette of the baggy pants. Reminds me of Gucci last fall not going to lie, but it doesn’t bug me. I wasn’t ready for slouchy pants last season, but I am for next spring.

All in all, this was a great season for Cavalli. He knows his woman and always makes her feel sexy and young. Then again you have to be young to pull off all those cut outs. If you can rock it like Kasia Struss then bravo. I can’t wait for the Cannes Film Festival and the Award shows…I can’t wait to see who’ll be wearing it on the street.

Thank You for reading!!!

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