Patrik Ervell S/S 13

This season at Ervell was very sporty and chic. What with the wind breakers and the nylon teva sandals. Not gonna lie, I’m not a huge fan of the teva, mainly because I think it’s vulgar for a young man to show his feet when not swimming or at the beach. I guess that’s a personal problem and I’ll have to note this in a later post. But regardless, the collection was pretty awesome. I’m obsessed with nylon because of the ‘swishy’ sounds it makes when it rubs against itself. You can kind of sashay around and let people know you’ve arrived in a way.

I’m a little over-obsessed with the ‘Prince of Arabia-esque’ caps that the models were wearing. I could either go to the desert and protect myself from the harsh tuscan sun(pretend there’s a desert in Tuscany…) or weather the storm and shelter myself from the wintery sleet. I don’t know how durable it is but it’s super cute and it’s definitely gonna be on my to buy or diy lists. I’m pretty damn sure I can pull it off. Besides, I’m already growing tired of turning my infinite scarf into a snood(I lie, I still love it).

This is one of those random collections that give you that ‘effortless’ confidence. Like, right now I feel like I can put on my parka, put a bandana underneath a cap and sling a backpack over my shoulder and just walk around town looking busy. The plus side about the clothes are that they’re waterproof! So you can get as wet as you want and nothing will happen. Suck on that!!!


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