My thoughts on Picture Me: A Model’s Diary


Have you seen Picture Me? It’s a great film documenting Sara Ziff behind the scenes of her life as a working top model. Over the course of 5 years with the help of her cameraman(boyfriend Ole Schell), they kept a video diary of the ups and downs of the modeling world. I love a good documentary, especially when it’s anything remotely related to fashion. 

In the beginning it’s really sweet and cute. You see her talking about a V Magazine shoot and see her walking to see her two billboards(Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger). It’s the more glamourous side of things at first. 

My favorite character in the documentary is an old woman, who I assume is her grandmother that referred to Sara Ziff as being ‘Sexy and Sullen, Sexy and Sullen.’ Her parents on the other hand wished her to go to school, which is a bulk of the documentary. Sara constantly talks about whether or not modeling was worth it anymore.

There’s also a darker side of the documentary when Sena Cech recounts a casting where she had to grab the photographer in a sexual way. She refused the job and the photographer never booked her again. 

Modeling has always been about young, naive girls. That’s what the industry likes because they can exploit that. 

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