Roberto Cavalli Menswear SS13

This collection was all about metallic!!! Shiny shiny and sequined all around. Not for the shy guy, but for the Adam Lambert in all of us(it’s there, trust me).

The First Look was disgustingly amazing! My eye immediately zoomed onto the silver oxfords. That’s what hooked me to watch the rest of the show to be completely honest. If there’s anything shiny, I’m gonna sit and look for more.

I also loved the really strong collars in this collection. Really pointy and stood out behind the shiny jackets and worked well with the little stone dog tag necklaces that all the models wore.

Don’t get me started on the silver pants…I’m part asian so I can be a little tacky at times and I can’t deny that I’m secretly obsessed with gaudiness.

So the items that I’m going to be coveting(that’s all it will be what with the price tag and all):

  • The Metallic Shoe
  • The Silver Pants
  • The ‘Born to Boogie’ Shirt
  • The Printed Blazers that look almost like snake skin
  • LOVED the Sequinned Lapel on the Dark Blue Blazer
  • The Forest Green Section was Wonderful
  • The Discoball Jacket

Images via

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