Sea of Shoes…and iPad cases at Ermanno Scervino 2013

For this post I decided to focus closer on the shoes and bags(iPad cases) as opposed to the clothing and models(that’s next). A lot of times I get distracted by the modelistic males on the runway that I forget completely about the reason they’re in the first place…to show off possible merchandise!

But show they did. The multi colored oxfords and iPad cases were amazing! I want every pair and every bag. I already have feet, so shoes are no problem, but although I don’t find a use for them, I must get an iPad. I wonder if they made some cases for the mini version? Enjoy!

ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw4 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw5 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw9 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw14 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw23 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw27 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw34 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw42 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw48 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw50 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw71 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw83 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw102 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw113

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