What is love anyway?


Love…been there done that. Real love is something more temporary. A little fix that every trendy boy and girl dabbles in…the addictiveness of fashion. Love is a drug is it not?

For one, clothes are always there you. Anytime you need them, you just take a few steps to the closet and there they are. What looks better on your arm? A boyfriend, or a D&G messenger bag? I prefer the latter. I can hold everything in there, my entire life! My wallet(I refuse to hold it in my pocket because it ruins the lining of my jeans), iPhone, and my laptop. I don’t even like the chivalrous boyfriends that want to help you carry anything. If it’s Dolce, then I’ll be the one to lug around the swag thank you very much. I’m a fashion blogger, and I’m the one who wears the Marc Jacobs pants.

I may not get my hands dirty, but I’m the one in control. And that’s what fashion is to me. It’s control. I choose what I wear and walk in. I also choose the one that walks with me, but right now I just want my fashion fix. It’s almost like a drug or anorexia…it’s an obsession or addiction that I refuse to quit. I mean I’m up right now fantasizing about wearing a Balmain jacket underneath Frankie Morello’s studded hoodie, while slipping on some Ermanno Scervino oxfords just to go get some coffee. No one compares to you. Cheers to fashion! Without you, I’m nothing!

They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, NO!!!

-Amy Winehouse

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