Pirelli Calendar 2012 Photographed By Mario Sorrenti

So natural and pure. I love that the models are meant to be themselves and comfortable in their own skin. The images are very intimate and personal. Like Joan mentioned the vulnerability is very sexy. It may be very understated, but that’s the beauty of it. Sexiness doesn’t need to be over the top. It can be subtle.

Ebony & Ivory? Chanel Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

Joan Smalls and Saskia De Brauw star in Chanel’s Spring 2012 Ad Campaign. I’m really loving the contrast with the garments, and the contrast of the models. I wonder if it was done deliberately. Either way, the images are beautiful and quiet. That’s one thing Chanel has over a lot of labels, is the fact that when you’re wearing Chanel, you stand completely out in the crowd without having to be so loud. Charming as ever.

Ermanno Scervino

ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw1Talk about eye candy! I’m not just referring to the models(insert wink here), but the clothes! The first look(see above), was a very lightweight sweater in a beautiful blue. The texture and the opening on the left shoulder give the piece a little extra. In case it gets a little steamy next spring, know that the fabric is very breathable and, if you’re not wearing an undershirt, very gay since you’re obviously purposefully trying to preen to the same sex whilst showing off all you’re hard worked pecs and abdominals.

But let’s be honest here. Nowadays the straight boys wanna dress like the gay boys. Everyone worth being ogled after needs to be well dressed. The clothes need to hug the body in ALL the right places. With Scervino, the fit is pretty international. Not that I currently own any pieces(all in good time), but I know all my models. Some are a little more muscular and some are lankier and yet they all look so tailored and natural in the clothing. It really is a great brand with a really great eye for dressing their men.


ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw12 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw13

ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw20 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw21 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw22

ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw28 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw31
ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw35 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw38 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw40
ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw43 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw44 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw45

ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw53 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw56 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw57 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw59 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw60
ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw65 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw66 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw68
ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw74 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw75 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw77 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw80 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw81 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw82

ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw87 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw88
ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw90 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw91 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw92 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw93

ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw108 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw109 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw110 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw111 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw112

Sea of Shoes…and iPad cases at Ermanno Scervino 2013

For this post I decided to focus closer on the shoes and bags(iPad cases) as opposed to the clothing and models(that’s next). A lot of times I get distracted by the modelistic males on the runway that I forget completely about the reason they’re in the first place…to show off possible merchandise!

But show they did. The multi colored oxfords and iPad cases were amazing! I want every pair and every bag. I already have feet, so shoes are no problem, but although I don’t find a use for them, I must get an iPad. I wonder if they made some cases for the mini version? Enjoy!

ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw4 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw5 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw9 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw14 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw23 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw27 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw34 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw42 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw48 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw50 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw71 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw83 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw102 ermanno-scervino-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-mfw113

Images via fashionising.com

Roberto Cavalli Menswear SS13

This collection was all about metallic!!! Shiny shiny and sequined all around. Not for the shy guy, but for the Adam Lambert in all of us(it’s there, trust me).

The First Look was disgustingly amazing! My eye immediately zoomed onto the silver oxfords. That’s what hooked me to watch the rest of the show to be completely honest. If there’s anything shiny, I’m gonna sit and look for more.

I also loved the really strong collars in this collection. Really pointy and stood out behind the shiny jackets and worked well with the little stone dog tag necklaces that all the models wore.

Don’t get me started on the silver pants…I’m part asian so I can be a little tacky at times and I can’t deny that I’m secretly obsessed with gaudiness.

So the items that I’m going to be coveting(that’s all it will be what with the price tag and all):

  • The Metallic Shoe
  • The Silver Pants
  • The ‘Born to Boogie’ Shirt
  • The Printed Blazers that look almost like snake skin
  • LOVED the Sequinned Lapel on the Dark Blue Blazer
  • The Forest Green Section was Wonderful
  • The Discoball Jacket

Images via sonnyphotos.typepad.com