Pirelli Calendar 2012 Photographed By Mario Sorrenti

So natural and pure. I love that the models are meant to be themselves and comfortable in their own skin. The images are very intimate and personal. Like Joan mentioned the vulnerability is very sexy. It may be very understated, but that’s the beauty of it. Sexiness doesn’t need to be over the top. It can be subtle.

Roberto Cavalli Review Soon

Our favorite Gucci Gals, Natasha Poly and Lily Donaldson, look utterly stunning in Cavalli Fall 2012 backstage.

I’ll be reviewing soon. I may be a slow reviewer since the show was last month, but I like to take my time when it comes to designers I love, because they deserve that at the very least. They may not care, but I always will.

So tune in soon!

Gucci Fall 2012/13

The opening look made me smile soo big. I don’t know if it was Kasia Struss or the glasses she was wearing, but I sure as hell was smiling. After the first look it was curious seeing the show. It looked almost like an experiment of Frida’s for this season. There was some Gucci in there, but there was something more. Not an edge, but a softness and lush feeling throughout. The jacquards and the velvets were so beautiful.

And it’s been a while since we’ve seen evening gowns on the Gucci runway.

I was a little worried about the fit in the pants. As beautiful as the prints were, they might have been a little too slouchy, especially if you’re not a gazelle height wise. I preferred the floor length skirts. They gave the same effect as the pants, but gave a much more beautiful silhouette versus the “baggy pant look”.

This was a wonderfully dark collection. It was like women of the night who skulk around in dark alleys(glamorous alleys at that) just to look beautiful and lure in wealthy men. I really loved the collection, it’s something new for Gucci. I think Frida’s starting to sit comfortably at Gucci, because she’s changing her own DNA for the house.